Your Audience
Doesn't Actually Need A
Studio-Quality Podcast. 


And The Message You Have to
 With The World!


To Double Your Audience In 60 Days. 


Launching a Podcast is a great
 towards growing
your audience,
BUT not adding
video to your podcast

A video podcast leverages the convenience of audio content that anyone can listen to anywhere … but when you repurpose that same message using the power of video, you triple your reach while working less!

In other words, Video Podcasts are the best ways to work smarter, not harder, so that you can create higher quality content in less time.

  • Learn the exact framework you need to create a predictable, reusable and sustainable, content strategy
    that will triple your reach.
  • Start delivering highly engaging content that will grow your audience over time, even when you’re not working.
  • Become more productive and effective while cutting down your content creation time by becoming a "Batching Master."



Here’s Why You NEED to Launch Your Video Podcast To Grow Your Online Audience in 2020!

  • Every day, THOUSANDS of your dream clients listen in to someone else’s PODCAST and consume their VIDEO content in the hopes of gaining valuable advice that will solve their biggest challenges.

  • But let's look at the facts: 40% of the American population listens to PODCASTS on a regular basis - that’s 132 MILLION people JUST in the U.S.!

  • AND by 2022, it’s estimated that VIDEOS will account for more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic!

  • That means that you’re alienating a HUGE chunk of your potential paying clients by only choosing one or the other (or worse, sticking to blogging only.)

  • So not adding video to your podcast strategy is costing you BIG TIME!, AND is keeping you from showing up as your authentic self in front of your IDEAL CLIENT

  • Oh, and let's not forget that MOST SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS are already doing video podcasts today. There's got to be a darn good reason for that. WOULD YOU AGREE?

See What Other Entrepreneurs Like YOU Are Saying About Video Podcast Academy.

"You are so inspiring, Sandy! And your video podcast quality is fantastic! I am so happy you're sharing your knowledge with others."
Ashlynn Cubbison
Diversified Entrepreneur

"Being seen, heard, and sharing your message is so needed right now. I am SO glad I had Sandy to walk me along the way. She gave me everything I needed to launch my video podcast, from strategy, and inspiration to tactics and tech requirements. The best money and time I have spent in a long-time."
Adriana Hudson

"You are so right! People need to tell their stories and you are the best person to help them tell their story.  I love that you are sharing your gift and knowledge with the world. That is very special ;)"
Kinga Mnich
Entrepreneur | Ph.D


This Is What You Get When You Join

Video Podcast Academy is the 7-step framework that gives you all the videos, templates, and fun-sheets you need to launch your high-converting video podcast!
  • 24/7 INSTANT and lifetime access (including ALL the future additions I’ll be launching).
  • A simple, easy-to-follow framework that walks you through how to plan, launch, and market your Video Podcast (even if you’ve never turned on a mic or camera before).
  • Exclusive access to our Video Podcast Academy Facebook group, where you’ll connect will our growing community of video podcasters and get support from our team.

Master Your Winner’s Mindset

It all starts with YOU! You’ll begin by bulldozing everything you thought you knew about content creation so you can gain complete clarity and achieve unparalleled success with your new Video Podcast show.

  • How to tap into your emotions so you’re working from a place of genuine confidence and creating from your zone of genius.
  • The mindset shift you need to make if you want to create content that fulfills you and creates genuine connections with your audience.
  • Getting clear on your vision and goals to pave your way to a profitable video podcast content strategy.

Your Profitable Niche

Discover your inner purpose so every video podcast episode you put out in the world overflows with "YOUNESS" and speaks to the pain points and desires of your dream clients. 

  • How to dig deep and define exactly WHY you want to say what you want to say to strengthen your message and turn you into an unstoppable content creation machine.
  • Creating a full 3D avatar of WHO your dream client is so that your video podcasts are tailored to effortlessly make them fall in love with you.

Plan Your Impact

You’ll carefully research and plan your content using this simple, step-by-step module so you’ll never feel unprepared for your video podcasts again. 

  • Research your way to a limitless supply of relevant topics that will leave you feeling inspired and uber excited about creating a solid content strategy.
  • Map out your topics to build a predictable, purpose-driven content calendar based on your specific target audience.

From Content Overwhelmed to Batching Retreat

Ever felt overwhelmed about the actual content creation process? We’ll dive deep into the video podcast content creation process so you can effortlessly glide from a plan of action to jaw-dropping content your audience won’t be able to pass up.

  • All the steps you need to take before you create your video podcasts to ensure nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Everything you need during the creation process to make everything as seamless as possible.
  • What to do after recording your content to polish up your work and launch a video podcast that fulfills you.

Repurpose and Multiply

Give infinite lifespans to your video podcast by learning how to repurpose your content, how to reach a wider audience and how to attract your dream client across multiple-platforms.

  • Why video podcasts are the most powerful form of content to focus on in 2020 and beyond.
  • The most effective way to repurpose your content so you can work smarter, not harder.
  • How to distribute your content to effortlessly expand your reach and create a powerful impact.

Time To Shine Social Butterfly

In this module, I’ll teach you my EXACT secret on how to become more productive and get more done in less time so you don’t get stuck right back in #hustlemode.

  • Productivity hacks to turn you into an unstoppable social media badass.
  • How to make the most of every minute in your day by setting up intentions and by being purposeful, so you avoid overthinking or burning yourself out.

Measure and Optimize

How do you know you’re succeeding? By tracking the right metrics! In this module, you’ll learn:

  • What you should be focusing on to optimize your content creation strategy and build a sustainable, long-term video podcast that will help you feel fulfilled.
  • The TOP metrics that ACTUALLY matter for your video podcasts (and the ones you should ignore).
  • What to do when your video podcast episodes aren’t performing as well as they should (hint: it isn’t panic!).


The Two Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Stop Them From Making Money or GROWING THEIR BUSINESS!

Not Investing on Growing Their Audience & Building Trust

I think we can all agree that if you are in business to make money you need buyers. Right?

I think we can also agree that to convert raving fans into paying clients you need to build trust and a strong relationship with your audience. Right?

So... if you want to generate revenue or if you want to grow your business - doesn't that mean that you should be focusing on GROWING YOUR AUDIENCE and BUILDING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS?

Yes that is what I thought!!!

However the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is not realizing that:

  • Casting a wider net will help them EXPAND THEIR REACH and get their content in front of new audiences.
  • Allow them to GROW THEIR AUDIENCE and BUILD TRUST with people that otherwise would never get a chance to see their content.
  • CREATE DEMAND AND DESIRE amongst their raving fans so they can convert into paying clients.



Not Taking Risk And Sticking To Old Ways Of Finding Clients

What comes to mind when you think about launching a video podcast?

If it’s any of the following:

  • Producing high-quality video podcasts just takes too much time and effort.
  • I’ll be perceived as a failure if I share my story with my audience.
  • I’m too scared to show up on camera.

Then you’re selling not just YOURSELF short, but your audience too.

… If you’re not currently reaching the right people and building an audience of die-hard followers who need your thought leadership and expertise.

… If you’re not yet creating content that actually helps your audience achieve their own goals…

… If you’re not achieving your purpose despite putting in the effort…

Then you are probably focusing on the wrong priorities: and as a result, YOU'RE NOT SERVING YOUR AUDIENCE in the way they deserve, MUCH LESS SERVING YOURSELF!




… and that Video Podcast Academy is your most affordable express ticket to expanding Your reach and boosting your sales while doing LESS, Not More!
Now it’s up to you.
And let’s be real - there’s no such thing as NOT making a decision.
You can either:
Go back to figuring it out on your own and keep doing what you’re currently doing (and getting the same results as you are getting right now.)
You can take a shortcut to growing your audience and achieving a fulfilling business by following the step-by-step, proven process I’ve laid out for you in Video Podcast Academy!
If you’re ready to finally take action and launch your high-converting video podcast, the tools to get there are just within your reach.
You know what you need to do.






Here is what you'll get:

  • INSTANT access to all 7 modules.
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls.
  • BONUS call with an expert and industry leader on the subject of content creation.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • Work-with-me fun sheets.
  • Lifetime access to Video Podcast Academy and all future updates.




Here is what you'll get:

  • INSTANT access to all 7 modules.
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls.
  • BONUS call with an expert and industry leader on the subject of content creation.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • Work-with-me fun sheets.
  • Lifetime access to Video Podcast Academy and all future updates.

SAVE $100



Here is what you'll get:

  • BONUS: regular price $1,029. Pay in full today and SAVE $100.
  • ONE - 60 min private coaching call with me.
  • INSTANT access to all 7 modules.
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls.
  • BONUS call with an expert and industry leader on the subject of content creation.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • Work-with-me fun sheets.
  • Lifetime access to Video Podcast Academy and all future updates.

Boost Your ROI with These Exclusive Bonuses, Valued At $1,388)

BONUS #1: Grow Your List Group Coaching Call + 8-Week Copy Support ($597 value)

So you’ve grown your audience - now how do you use it to make a profit in a way that forges genuine connections (without the icky marketing tactics)?

Launch strategist and copywriter Charlene Boutin will guide you through proven tactics to turn your video podcast audience into email subscribers that can’t WAIT to hear from you. Her quiz was responsible for converting 19% of cold traffic into subscribers, so imagine what this will do to a warm audience of engaged listeners and viewers!

Plus, you get:

  • The time-saving template Charlene uses to create high-converting lead generation quizzes.
  • Unlimited access to the coaching call replay.
  • 8-week support from Charlene inside the EXCLUSIVE Video Podcast Academy Members’ Facebook Group (you can’t get this anywhere else!)

BONUS #2: The “OMIGOSH It Makes Sense Now” Technology Stack ($97 value)

Crush the tech overwhelm to the curb! You get access to the same tech stack that I personally use on a monthly basis to plan, create, deploy, repurpose, and optimize my video podcasts.

It took me years to put this together, but when you sign up for Video Podcast Academy, it’s yours for free!

BONUS #3: Brand Your Way To Impact ($447 value)

Branding is an entire beast of its own, but I’ve got you covered with this free add-on. Go from ‘just another podcaster’ to ‘Unforgettable Superstar’ by following the step-by-step process!

BONUS #4 Outsource Your Way to Life-Cation ($247)

Learn how to replicate yourself, work exclusively from your zone of genius, and multiply your effort with this outsourcing mini-training. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to build a team that’s got your back so you can say goodbye to the grind for good.

This is the only place to grab my exclusive bonuses and the ENTIRE Video Podcast Academy Online Course (a total value of $2,417.)

Get Started with Your Video Podcast and Enroll Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

The burning questions that get asked before saying “YES” to going from OVERLOOKED to FULLY BOOKED with the power of VIDEO PODCAST.

I hear you, my friend :)

The course is designed to save you time, not add to your endless to-do list. And with the extra profits you make and everything you learn from our Outsourcing Coaching Call, you’ll soon be building a team that shaves off even more time from your busy schedule.

On my end, I promise to spare you from any useless fluff or endless theoretical lectures. Meaning, every hour you invest in planning and executing your soul-driven podcasts and videos will pay off 10x.

How does lifetime sound? That’s right - you have unlimited and INSTANT access to all existing course content PLUS all future updates!

I’m so glad you asked!

While it’s true that blogging is an incredibly powerful method of growing your online presence, nothing is as rich or engaging as video and audio content. Over 40% of US consumers listen to podcasts on a DAILY basis, and 80% of online traffic in 2022 is estimated to be from video!

So the question isn’t whether or not you should focus on video podcasts - it’s WHEN. And the sooner you start, the sooner you can start expanding your reach.

Don’t worry - we’ll cover exactly how to turn your video podcasts into blog posts to appeal to the people in your audience who prefer reading.

Not when you have the right guidance on your side! I’ll make sure you know exactly which tools to start with so that you can create quality content without breaking the bank. Then, if you want to use your newly acquired moolah to scale to cinema-level equipment, you can be my guest :)

You can definitely take some spare hours every week, gather up a master list of resources, and compile some semblance of a content strategy framework after several weeks (OR EVEN MONTHS).

But unlike other courses, I’m giving you a shortcut to access specific, proven, and step-by-step techniques to launch your video podcast FAST.

Nowhere else will you get this much value and guidance at this price.


Believe me, I wasn’t always so confident on camera! Owning your awesomeness and sharing your voice is a LEARNABLE skill. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be born with it.

The very fact that you’re still here reading this tells me that you have the inner passion to start your own video podcast series — and that’s all it takes to get started!


I’m so excited about taking you on this video podcast journey and watch you grow your audience, that I want you to confidently scream YES to Video Podcast Academy…

… which is where the Video Podcast Academy Guarantee comes in.

If you take 60 days to watch every video lesson and implement everything I’ve taught you, and you STILL don’t feel like you have the clarity, momentum, and powerful action steps you need to take to confidently launch a high-converting video podcast series…

Simply email me directly at [email protected] with your completed workbooks, we’ll hit undo on this entire ‘Let’s create a video podcast that builds your audience and expands your reach thing.

You have LITERALLY nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why am I so confident about doing this?

  • 80% of the work is already done for you.

  • I know that if you’ve made this far it is because you know that you have what it takes to grow your online business.

  • With this step-by-step framework and our live calls, I’m confident enough that you’ll have the motivation and momentum to do the rest.

I AM IN!!!

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